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Pouch Coves Candidate


Дата рождения: 27 февраля 1997 г.


Титулы: AM-Ch

Colors: S


Schooners Yosef of Newton Ark
Pouch Coves Favorite Son
Souvenir of Pouch Cove
Twillin Gate Quintex
Ursulas Happy Hiawatha
Joringel Christmas Carol
Joringel North Country Song
Pouch Coves Candidate
Pouch Coves Favorite Son
Jubilees You re the Top
Jubilees Anything Goes
Pouch Coves Shiprock Sydney
Johns Big Ben of Pouch Cove
Shiprocks Irrestable Force
Shiprocks Look to Liberty

Numas Incumbent at Pouch Cove
Pouch Cove's Event At Southwind
Pouch Cove's Dark Horse
Pouch Coves Casts Its Vote
Seabrooks Beacon of Pouch Cove