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Midnight Ladys Especially for you


Дата рождения: 2 января 1996 г.


Титулы: AM-/O-/D-/-Int-/World-Ch

Colors: S
Cystinuria: free
Heart: free
Hips: good
Ellbows: 0
Shoulders: free


Schooners Yosef of Newton Ark
Pouch Coves Favorite Son
Souvenir of Pouch Cove
Twillin Gate Quomandor
Ursulas Happy Hiawatha
Joringel Christmas Carol
Joringel North Country Song
Midnight Ladys Especially for you
Barharbers Sweet William
Barharbers John Cabot
Tuckamores Chanel No 5
Midnight Ladys Diorissimo
Plavias Conny Boy
Midnight Ladys African Star
Eliza Dolittle vom schwarzen Baren

Black Pride Adonis from Skippers
Cayuga Powder Keg of Bonaventura
Darbydales All Rise Pouch Cove
Darbydales Lila at Toad Hall
Denis Roussow vom Riesrand
Poison or Honey King of Helluland (Slovakia)
Pouch Cove's The Shareholder
Pouch Cove's Walk Tall Cayuga
Pouch Coves Just For Skippers