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Main Tickle Dark Knight


Дата рождения: 4 февраля 1994 г.


Титулы: AM/CAN/I-Ch

Colors: SrGrau
Hips: excellent
Ellbows: normal


Dalkens Denver of Pouch Cove
Highland Skye of Pouch Cove
Keepsake of Pouch Cove
Daddy Manlio of Pow Wow
Topmasts John Houston(CAN)
Antarica del Marenate
Cayuga Nickit
Main Tickle Dark Knight
Schooners Yosef of Newton Ark
Pouch Coves Favorite Son
Souvenir of Pouch Cove
Pow Wow First Date of Skimeister
Johns Big Ben of Pouch Cove
Skimeisters Meg of Pouch Cove
Decembear of Pouch Cove

And Im Great to be Back
Aarnikarhun Robinia
Vojvoda di Borgoleonardo
Any Chance for you
Whisperbays Impresario (usa)
Arctica from Bomberland